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Jana Šefčíková

Life, Executive and Interview Coach

About me

Hi. My name is Jana Šefčíková and I am founder of StepGreat. I am life, executive and tech interview coach.

I work with individuals and teams and support them on their journeys towards their goals whether it is related to life themes, work, career or interview preparation. My coaching is based on co-active coaching that promotes that clients are creative, whole and resourcefull. Thus coaching process is not about fixing you but creating creative space in which you can dig deeper in your own resources and find your answer.

I combine co-active coaching, body work and elements of mental fitness. Also I provide full fledged mental fitness program developed by Positive Intelligence.

My roots

I was born in the beautiful city Kosice, in Slovakia. My mum is a psychologist and so I was naturally drawn to psychology. I always preferred deep and intimate conversations with others. I enjoy parties but give me two chairs and one adventurous soul :)!

Later on, I became very good friend with Mathematics and also with art, especially photography. Those three themes: psychology, Math and art have shaped and influenced my life and were active in different stages of my life. Interest in Mathematics attracted me to IT and my interest in human mind and desire to support others brought me to coaching. I like to combine all those various skills to serve my clients in creative and unique way.

Are you looking for companion on your journey?

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