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Jana Šefčíková

Life, Executive and Interview Coach


I'm glad you are here.

Maybe you wish to enrich your life, work, relationships or Self. You wish to balance your inner resources, define stronger boundaries, reduce self sabotage and shine. Or do things with ease and flow, more confident, adventurous but grounded. Maybe you dream bigger, your clock is ticking really loud but your dreams are hidden under pile of todos and 'yes'-es to other things. Maybe you or your team is ready to incorporate mental fitness so that laser-focused actions, innovative solutions can arise. Or maybe, you feel simply stuck with the current situation and choices; and you know that new discovery is inevitable.

I hear you and if you feel ready coaching may support you.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

My name is Jana Sefcikova. I am life, executive and tech interview coach with tech and agile background. I work with individuals and teams. I also provide mentoring for job seekers so they find their own strategy for career change and get their dream job authentically, relaxed while gaining tools for peak performance. My coaching is based on Co-Active coaching with neuroscience and Positive Intelligence. I worked for 10+ years in tech industry as software engineer, tester and Scrum Master and so I incorporate processes and lessons learnt from Agile environments too. I love to support people on their path to achieve more faster, fulfill their dreams through realisation and create lasting changes that make impact whether in their personal lifes or work environment. I bring to the table out-of-box thinking blended with science, art, experiments and big heart.


1:1 Coaching

Do you feel a call from your potential or soul?

If so, we will pick it up together and you may discover your deeper calling, inevitable changes, actionable plans and wonderful options.

We will explore, bend, rotate and challenge options, your thoughts. Reflect upon your progress and look for extraordinary solutions within yourself.

Break patterns, build resiliency, interrupt self sabotaging, look for your personal truth, joy and wisdom. Where there's a will, there's a path. Expect a trustful, non judgmental, nourishing relationship; and stimulating and thought provoking conversation where ideas can grow wild and your actions turn to impact.

Mental Fitness Program

Have you observed that you deal with the same things over and over ?

Mental Fitness is a new trend based on Positive Intelligence suitable both for individuals and businesses. Within 6 weeks, you or your team willexplore the fascinating ecosystem of sabotaging strategies that we use on autopilot. You will definitely know yourself and others better and improve your ability to react to life events with deeper wisdom, clear-headed actions, empathy and creativity.

Expect a simple yet sophisticated framework backed by research, lectured on Stanford and verified by thousands of clients around the world including Fortunes 500 CEOs.

The program might be accompanied with coaching according to your plan and span across 6 weeks.

“Coaching with Jana has helped me to make important career decision. It has even rapidly rose up my self-confidence and helped me to see myself from different angle. I can just recommend her. Thank you very much, Jana, your coaching gave my life good direction and I feel stronger to deal with hurdles.”

— Software Engineer

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